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Established in 2015, the MATCH Foundation in Cape Town is a hub for multicultural education and sports. Through our partnership with the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy, players access high performance coaching in an inclusive setting.

Our comprehensive program offers financial aid, coaching, education, accommodation, nutrition, fitness and travel to local and international tournaments With tailored learning programs and opportunities for college scholarships, we aim to empower every player to reach their full potential.

MATCH is a registered Trust and Public Benefit Organization with Level 1 B-BEE accreditation. 
It is exempt from tax and duties and its Academic Learning Program is registered in terms of Section 18A in South Africa and Section 501(c) (3) in the United States.

Our Values







MATCH aligns with the following UNSDGs

Goal 1: No Poverty

Goal 1: No Poverty

MATCH provides underprivileged youth with skills development, leadership opportunities and multiple pathways to sustainable careers, helping them break the poverty cycle

Goal 2: Zero hunger

Goal 2: Zero hunger

MATCH provides participants with a healthy, balanced diet that optimises and enhances athletic and academic performance.

Goal 3: Health through sports

Goal 3: Health through sports

MATCH facilitates the participation in sports to support mental, physical and emotional well-being. Additionally MATCH provides a safe and nurturing environment, including social and emotional coaching and mentorship from professionals

Goal 4: Quality education

Goal 4: Quality education

MATCH offers inclusive, quality education with flexible scheduling and expert facilitation. Emphasis on standardized education fosters holistic development and opens doors to future opportunities like scholarships.

Goal 5: Reduced inequalities

Goal 5: Reduced inequalities

MATCH creates a level playing field and equal opportunities for talented youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their dreams and achieve their potential

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Leadership Team

Anthony Harris's Credentials:

Tennis Experience:

Managed ITC for 5 years, 15 locations, 7,500

Work Experience:

College tennis player, 10 years on ATP/WTA

Wendy Fisher


Guggenheim Art Gallery


Brandon Shainfeld


Alpha Empire Designs,Platinum Mile Ventures Director

Anthula Markovitz

Founder & Trustee

Retired Businessperson

Michael Fuller


Chartered Accountant,
Retired Businessperson

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